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Benni & Kathrin


Drone for your wedding in Tyrol. Benni (the groom) didn't miss the chance to include his hobby, motorcross driving, on his wedding day. Kathrin (the bride) was totally enthusiastic about the idea of including a few off-road scenes in the wedding film. She took it calmly, played her role sovereign and enjoyed the most beautiful day of her life with many friends.
And so it began.

Meeting place gravel pit, dust, the sun is burning from the sky, the motocross is rattling, the smell of gasoline is in the air and the bride is ready to be rescued. If that's not a whimsical, offbeat backdrop for a wedding shoot, what is?

Filming was a challenge. After the drone took off, there was so much dust kicked up that you could barely see the bride and groom. We used a few tricks to still get the perfect pictures we needed. The effort was totally worth it. We had to repeat the action scenes with the motorcycle several times, because we wanted a film and we wanted pin sharp pictures. For the dirtiest off-road scenes we had a double. We were well looked after with food and good humour. Thanks for that.

The wedding ceremony

The civil wedding took place one week before. This we have documented by means of photo and film. In traditional costume, family photos are quite something different than the elegant execution that occurred a week later in the church.

Near Imst was then the church wedding. Even before the church a few tears were shed. Perfect motifs for us as a wedding photographer Tyrolean Oberland. The tear-stirred mood did not last long, because the numerous musicians of the band have provided a festive mood and conjured a smile on the face of one or the other.

Bright colors in the church and the personal words of the honorable priest transformed the church into a place of silence. At the beginning we did not dare to take many photos, because the atmosphere should not be disturbed.

We were able to capture the emotional words that the bride and groom gave each other with a directional microphone in the best quality.

The celebration

The Trofana was the perfect place for this grandiose celebration. An old and traditional event hall with exclusively decorated tables completely enchanted the guests as soon as they entered. The old beams, the plank floor and the textured walls gave the hall a grandiose charm.

A large stage and a dance floor for at least 100 guests, this young couple has chosen. We, your wedding photographer from the Tyrolean Oberland were thrilled. The great light has ensured that every photo fit. We try to take photos without flash as often as possible, but sometimes there is no other way.

Benni and Katrin are a prime example of how to choose a wedding location correctly. So the guests talk about it even years later. Our premium wedding album with acrylic glass remains for it an unforgettable memory for all who were allowed to see it once!

An exciting wedding in the truest sense of the word. The groom picks up his bride with a motor-cross machine. On a beautiful autumn day, Katrin and Benni got married near Imst in the Upper Inn Valley. The wedding trailer was built near the monastery of Stams. The hobby of the groom - motocross riding - could not be missing in the action-packed wedding film. Thus, in a gravel pit unusual wedding photos of the young wedding couple with our Drone Tyrol.
You are also looking for an action-packed wedding trailer? Then you are exactly right with us. We are happy to be at your wedding in the Tyrolean Oberland as a wedding photographer and wedding videographer. Whether Ötztal, Pitztal, Paznauntal, Ischgl, See or Kappl - we will accompany you on your big day and create memories for eternity with our wedding shots.