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Irene & Walter

Zillertal - AUSTRIA

Exclusive wedding photographer in the Zillertal and all of Tyrol. Walter and Irene have really savored their most beautiful day in life. The couple from Switzerland celebrated their exclusive wedding in the Zillertal, near Innsbruck in Tyrol. We were allowed to accompany the extraordinary wedding with 4 cameramen on location for 3 days. There was enough time for an extensive carriage ride with 6 horses under a blue sky as well as for musical show interludes of the bride. With great effort a great Wedding film Hollywood look.
The couple's wedding was perfectly planned all around.

Do you also want to experience your wedding ceremony relaxed and happy and make sure that everything runs smoothly? Then this works with a good wedding planning. Basically, it is always advisable to start with the preparations as early as possible. As soon as a wedding date is set, you should discuss and plan the most important cornerstones. These are: Guest list, wedding theme, location, photographer, wedding cake, florist, DJ or band. The earlier you look for a suitable location, the better. Especially if it is a popular location. It is similar with good wedding photographers. Take care of these two points directly, then you can already sit back and relax.

A few months before the wedding, it is time to take care of the remaining points. Take your time to decide what you want the wedding cake to look like and when you need it. The same procedure is then necessary with the florist, so that you can pick up the desired flowers on the wedding day. If your wedding ceremony is to be held under a certain motto, then you should also think about this. In the end, it takes a little lead time, but if you start planning your wedding in time, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly on the most important day of your life.