Two hearts by your side


Two hearts by your side

The love for wedding photography originated with our own wedding. Since then, we accompany couples on their special day throughout Tyrol and in neighboring countries and abroad.

For you we capture the unique moments, the loving details, true emotions, the many feelings, the joy and specialness of this day for eternity. For us it is a privilege to be there on your special day and that makes our job our dream job!

We not only work in a double pack for you, but also have 2 high-end cameras that do both for you: So photo and film recordings at the same time. That means we hold for you twice as many photo and twice as many film recordings from more perspectives for you! Nevertheless, we do not compromise and offer you excellent quality for both the photo and the film recordings.

With our relaxed, friendly manner, we make it easy for you to stand in front of the camera, even if you don't normally like it. We let you forget that it is a shooting. This way you get authentic, natural photo and film results.

After over 20 years of wedding experience, we know each other's way of working as well as our own and can rely on each other 100%ig in every situation. Our work perfectly complements each other, works hand in hand, inspires each other and as a final product is clearly more than "your photos and my photos".

In the end, your wedding reportage is "one cast". It tells the story of your big day - from the first to the last picture. We do everything we can for that. The two of us. With all our heart, with all our passion. And that's exactly what you'll see at the end.

We are really looking forward to getting to know you better!

See you soon,
Ratko & Vicky

"It's not where you go, it's who stands by your side."

150% Passion

Accompanying wedding couples on their big day is a huge responsibility.

That's why we love our job and are always happy when couples in love put their trust in us. For this we give 150% passion

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